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Agents in the Health Care Industry, particularly in the Medicare line, have long needed an organization that fights for their rights and benefits.

An Alliance of Agents that fully understands the rights and inconsistencies within the industry, that supports the independent agents whether they’re working alone or with an agency.

An Alliance of Agents that will better address the need for more standardize operating procedures when it comes to the agents and their specific professional needs.

An Alliance of Agents who’s purpose is to fulfill industry promises, to make all aspects of the industry held accountable, while empowering agents in feeling like they matter, and giving them recourse in the way their industry treats them.

An Alliance of Agents committed to expanding the opportunities and services to agents who have been left to fend for themselves far too long. (See our Benefits) “Stronger Together” is more than just a slogan. It’s a call to arms in protecting and advancing the important work of the agent.

Joining us will make us stronger still!

James Young
United Agents Alliance Group

Members Code of Ethics and Conduct

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